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Lemon Bowl Renovations

In a time of disposable everything, it’s refreshing to see the folks at Lemon Bowl Renovations look past the outdated and see new possibilities. Margo Pemmaraju, owner of Lemon Bowl Renovations, and her partner, Mike Gray, believe in finding the beauty lost to years of neglect. “We’re passionate about revealing the hidden potential in an older structure;” says, Margo, “and, then balancing those discoveries with current trends.”

The same can be said for her company’s own structure. A few years ago, Margo was co-owner of Lemon Bowl Designs, but, when her then partner moved onto other opportunity’s, Margo decided to continue on with the business, but with a new twist. She already had a steady social media following, but didn’t want to confuse the current audience with a complete brand overhaul.


Out with the old, and in with the Renewed!

So, she gave me a call. I sat down with Margo and went over her target market, industry trends, and future plans. In the end, it was simple, build upon the current design by renovating the old Lemon Bowl Design icon with a new one.

“The updated logo now encompass exactly what we do.” says, Margo. “It’s still easily identifiable to our followers, but now truly reflects our passion.”

Congratulations, Lemon Bowl Renovations, on your “new twist” to an old idea!


Services Used:

  • Logo revisit
  • Print
  • Web Design
  • Merchandise