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It’s been twenty years since Mike Koskinimi became a business owner, but, his idea to become a fitness professional started much earlier. “At a very young age, I became obsessed with fitness,” says Mike. “When most kids were playing video games, I was reading books on the human body. I wanted to know how the body worked and how to make it as fit as possible.”

Later, in his twenties, when the opportunity presented itself to open his own fitness center, Mike jumped at the chance. “I had no idea if people would show up to my place. But, I did know, that people wanted to be in shape, and I was going to give them every opportunity to be as healthy as possible.”


After 20 years in business, we’re still learning.


Over the next twenty years, Mike has seen the business, and himself, grow exponentially. “Business and personal growth goes hand-in-hand”, says Mike. “The fitness industry is only second to restaurants for failure in the first year; if you don’t pivot, you’re done. I started as a trainer with a gym full of fitness enthusiasts. Then, I wrote a book on nutritional education to better assist those folks on their health journey.” says Mike. “Recently, I went back to school to learn what affect pain had on the brain, and how that interaction effects your entire body. The human body is just truly fascinating.”

“As I look back, I’m blown away at how far I’ve come; the Motions brand has been through so many iterations. And, I’m glad Greta has been here to put a visual on my ideas. From the rebrands and signage to the graphic assist with the books, she’s nailed it each time.”

Thanks, Mike, for including me in your journey; and, I look forward to seeing what the next twenty years bring.

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